he company’s strategy is to work with partners from industry and research to focus on the utilization of product- and production-relevant data and to set new standards in this area.

Within the scope of its activities for the International Standardization Organization (ISO), PDTec AG was/is actively involved in the development and standardization of many standards.

In particular, the standardization of STEP, mainly the STEP application protocols AP214 (ISO 10303-214) and AP212 (ISO 10303-212), driven by Germany, represents a focus of the work.

In addition, PDTec AG was involved in the development and maintenance of the STEP base models (Generic and Application Resources) and the development and standardization of the data modeling language EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) and EXPRESS-X (ISO 10303-14), as well as the implementation methods (STEP Physical File [ISO 10303-21], SDAI [ISO 10303-23] and XML [ISO 10303-28]).

Within ISO TC184/SC4, PDTec AG is still actively involved in the maintenance of the ISO standards mentioned, especially ISO 10303-214.

PDTec AG also successfully participated in the standardization of ISO 18828 Parts 1 to 5, which describes the procedural reference processes for production planning and also includes the subject area of manufacturing change management (ISO 18828-5).

As a member of SASIG (Strategic Automotive product data Standards Industry Group [Germany, France, Japan, Sweden and USA]), PDTec AG was responsible for the development of a SASIG recommendation for cross-company change management (Engineering Change Management).

For many years, PDTec AG has participated in various working groups of the prostep ivip association and therefore has a wealth of experience in the field of standardization.

By participating in the working groups, PDTec AG hopes to further promote communication and cooperation across company and domain boundaries, contribute to the optimization of the value chain in product creation, and drive the development of open, vendor-independent PLM standards. In addition, this work ensures to strengthen collaboration with key global players, to engage with their representatives in a high level of personal engagement, and to ensure interoperability and quality of software solutions for the product creation process through the development of standards.


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